Moving Tips

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Making the Move

We've included some tips and useful links that will help make your move as seamless as possible. If you prefer to pack you own belongings, our packing tips will help ensure the safety of your items. Remember that planning ahead will save you both time and money.
Packing Tips

  • Tape all boxes securely on box bottom.
  • Pack boxes so they close flat on top. This will enable them to be stacked efficiently.
  • Use linens to fill empty spaces in boxes and pad breakable items.
  • Do not pack delicate items with heavy items. This will prevent breakage.
  • Boxes containing breakable items should be marked 'Fragile.'
  • Be sure all items containing liquids are securely fastened. Mark these boxes 'This Side Up.'
  • Please pack books, records, and other heavy items in the small (1.5 cubic feet) boxes only.
  • It is always advisable to pack and transport any small personal items yourself, such as passports, prescriptions, currency and small heirlooms.
  • Label boxes clearly, according to which room they will go in.
  • The law prohibits us from moving any flammable or toxic materials, such as lighter fluid, aerosol cans, propane tanks, paints, bleach, etc.
  • Don't hesitate to give us a call if you need additional help packing.   

Prior to your Move

  • Arrange parking for the moving van at both destinations.
  • Disconnect audio visual equipment.
  • Disconnect washer and dryer.
  • Disconnect gas appliances.
  • Disconnect water lines on refrigerators with icemakers.
  • Disconnect your telephone one day after you move if you are changing your number.
  • Do not water your plants for several days before you move.
  • Consider where you'd like your furniture placed in your new home.
  • If you find yourself less prepared than you had planned, let us know if we can help accelerate your project.

More Moving Tips and Guides

Useful Websites and Links


Choosing A Mover

Items We Cannot Move