Full Service Storage

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Clean, safe and organized warehouse for household goods storage

Whether you are planning a six-week remodel, a yearlong sabbatical in the South of France, or just tired of looking at Aunt Winnie's sofa, Main Street Moving and Storage can accommodate your storage needs. We offer full service vault storage in a clean and secure warehouse located in Petaluma.

A complete inventory of all items is performed before placing them in storage. This inventory includes detailed information on all furniture items, including condition, and a count of items already packed in boxes. This ensures that everything you place in storage is accounted for and will be delivered to your new home.

Each storage vault holds about 240 cubic feet of carefully packed belongings - about the volume of a standard room's worth of furnishings. Please contact us for more information.

Storage Vault for Petaluma Storage

Large items are padded or wrapped as necessary and boxes and smaller items are carefully nestled in the vault to create a compact and secure unit of storage.